| 9 september 2016 | Holler Wein, Spielfeld, Austria |

I have had so many adventures recently, some of them quite far from home others not so much. Travelling is one of my passion it is really uplifting to meet new people, learn about new cultures and see all that beautiful places our world consists of. I consider myself really lucky that way because really my job includes my passions. It wasn’t that long ago when me and a couple of friends went to great trips to the Alps with our bikes climbing the mountines and speeding down on those rather breathtaking serpentines.

Lifelasting memories for sure and as I was going to Anisja’s and Florian’s wedding I recognised familiar villages ones that I can recall from those great bike trips. These two beautiful and charming people and their big day was simply perfect; the athmosphere, the planning, and the way how they strived for perfectition but remained laid back. They allowed themselves to have those wonderful deep emotions while also surround everyone with happiness. It doesn’t get any better than that. Wonderful venue with stylish and detailed decoration.

I hope that with this film I am able to give back the memories and the feeling we were furtunate to be part of. Finally all I wish for you two is an everlasting love.

Holler Wein
9 september 2016