| 9 september 2017 | Schloss Halbturn – Austria |

Usually I don’t meet the couples until the day of the wedding and it’s fine this way, I just simply hop in my car travel to the destination with not knowing what it will be like. But in the same time I often get a first impression of the people through our email conversations and not surprisingly I had a cheeky feeling that this day will not be an ordinary wedding day.
Numerous happy, funny and unbelievably emotional moments were exchanged between the couple, and also between all the attendees, almost as if we sat on a complete emotional rollercoaster.

Where shall I even begin, Rene all of a sudden decided to take a ride in a Golf Cart, or the hell of a party amongst the fire balls, or hey have I mentioned how the father of the bride with the biggest piece of mind started shaving in the middle of the getting ready shots..? What a funny family! :)

Well actually, there is nothing left to say just take a glance at their wedding video it speaks for itself!


Schloss Halbturn
9 september 2017