| 7 july 2017 | Weitmoser Schlössl – Bad Gastein – Austria |

The past weekend was full on adventurous. This time I went all the way to the Austrian Alps where the beautiful landscape and crispy air made me think why do I feel so familiar around here? Then of course I realized not such a long time ago I was here, although, on a different adventure, hiking and cycling with the boys.
Oh so great and sweet memories! :)

Kirsti and Florian were glowing of joy, happiness and love throughout the whole wedding. The way their eyes locked and the way they touched was all filled with so much carrying and kindness one can only imagine. Emotions are the most beautiful accessories especially on a day like this!
There is not much left to say other than please enjoy their moment of happily ever after. Guys, thank you so much for finding me and asking me to film your big day and thank you for your whole family and friends for taking such a good care of me!

Weitmoser Schlössl
Bad Gastein
7 july 2017