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Share something with me. Something about your life, your plans, your ideas for the big day. Wherever you plan your big day it would be my greatest pleasure to be part of it. Travel is my passion be it in Europe, US or anywhere else and new cultures, places and people are my inspirations.




| 2016 |

SEPTEMBER – Spielfeld AUT   |   OCTOBER – Donegal IE

| 2017 |

JANUARY – Budapest HUN   |   MAY – Domonvölgy HUN,   Halbturn AUT   |   JUNE – Gols AUT   |   JULY – Tirol AUT,   Vienna AUT,   Nyirtass HUN/RO   |   AUGUST – Verseg HUN,   London UK,   Spielfeld AUT   |   SEPTEMBER – Walpersdorf AUT,   Plymouth UK   |   OCTOBER – Dublin IE,   London UK   |   NOVEMBER – Belfast IE

| 2018 |

MARCH – Yorkshire UK   |   MAY – Wales UK   |   JUNE – Mühlbach  AT   |   JULY – Vienna, Burgenland  AT



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Katharina + Martin

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“Oh Zsolt, you are such a talented human. We will cherish these memories that you so beautifully captured forever!”

Trisha & Luís - Madeira / Chichago


“Wow Zsolt! This is amazing! Crying so much! I need to watch it many times. Dan and I are very emotional right now.”

Dan & Jho - Marseille


“Just watched our video again and it still makes me cry, can’t believe it was 6 months ago!”

Paula & James - Somerset UK


“Thank you once again for your amazing work. We hope that we get to see you at another wedding soon!”

Kate & Conan - Donegal Ireland


“Wow, it’s amazing! We love it! You did such a great job!! It’s so lovely! xxx”

Em & Liam - Minster Lovell UK